Bücher zum WW I


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# Language Author Title
1 English Bernstorff, Count My three Years in America
2 English Bethmann Hollweg, Theodor von Reflections  of the World War
3 Deutsch Bloch, Johann von Die ökonomischen Erschütterungen und materiellen Verluste des Zukunftskrieges, IV Band
4 English Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen The Land War in Ireland
5 English Board of Trade Shipping Casualities: RMS Falaba
5 English Churchill, Winston The world Crisis
Anm:  konfiszierte türkische dreadnoughts  SMS Göben s 112ff, Admiral Souchon … s 25,27,30, Fisher on submarines .. S 153, submarines … s 89-91, 381-385
6 English CIA Historical Review Program Okhrana in Paris
7 English Drummond Wolff, Henry Rampling Recollections, Vol. II

Suez Kanal       Seite 136

8 English Egerton and others Great Britain, Egypt, and the Suez Canal
9 English Farrer, J. A. England under Edward VII
10 English Fisher, John Arbuthnot Memories by Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Fischer
11 English Fiske, John American Political Ideas, viewed from the Standpoint of Universal History, 
12 English Gerrad, James, W. My four Years in Germany
13 English Hamilton, Alexander The Embassy of Sir Francis Bertie in Paris during the Period 1905-1914
14 English His Britannic Majesty’s Government and Presided Over by the Right Hon. Viscount Bryce, O.M.&c., &c., The Bryce Report of the Committee on Alleged German Outrages
16 English Jellicoe Admiral Viscount The Grand Fleet 1914 – 1918: Ist creation, Development and Work
17 English Johnson, Douglas Wilson The Peril of Prussianism
18 Deutsch Kautsky, Karl Die deutschen Dokumente zum Kriegsausbruch
19 English Keynes, John Maynard The Economic Consequences of the Peace
20 English Lansing, Robert The Peace negotiations – a personal Narrative
21 English Portaits of the big Four
22 English What we are fighting for
23 English Ludwig, Emil The Moral Conquest of Germany
24 English 1914
25 English Mahan, Alfred Thayer Armaments and Arbitration
26 English The Interest of America in Sea Power , Present and Future
27 English Morgenthau, Henry,sen Secrets of the Bosporus
28 English Morgenthau, Henry Germany is our Problem
29 English Münsterberg, Hugo The War and America
30 English Ponsonby, Arthur Falshood in War
31 English Remak, Joachim Sarajewo, a story of a political murder
32 English Origins of the World War I 1871- 1914
33 English Seeley, J. R. The Expansion of England
34 English Seymour, Charles Intimate Papers of Col. House, Behind the Political Curtain, 1912-1915
Anm: Redaktionsfehler siehe Seite 423 und 432, eine Gegebenheit wurde abgeändert aber die erste Version auf Seite 423 nicht entfernt.
35 English Seymour, Charles Intimate Papers of Col. House, Into the War 1915-1917, Vol. II
35 English Wilson and the World War, A Chronicle of our Own Times
36 English Sheip, Stanley Solomon Handbook of the European War
37 English Telegraph Newspaper:Lady Randy had an affair with King Edward
38 English Terry, Charles Sanford German Seapower
39 English United States, Government Printing Office Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States – The Lansing Papers, Vol. I
40 not found Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States – The Lansing Papers, Vol. II
Anm: Diese Ausgabe ist im Internet zum freien download nicht gelistet. Das „Office of the Historian jedoch listed eine Ausgabe, welche nach Eingabe einer 8.stelligen Nummer Zugriff erlaubt. Prüfen Sie 841.00/103½, Seite!, Punkt 4