# Language Author Title
41 English Beer, George Louis The English -Speaking People, their Future Relations and Joint International Obligations
42 English Blunt, Anne Lady A Pilgrimage to Nejd, the cradle of the Arab Race, Vol. 1
43 English A Pilgrimage to Nejd, the cradle of the Arab Race, Vol. II
44 English Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen India under Ripon
45 English Atrocities of Justice under Britsh Rule in Egypt
46 English The Future of Islam
47 English My Diaries, 1888-1914
48 English Secret History of the English Occupation of Egypt
49 English Clausewitz, von Carl Vom Krieg
50 English Collier, Price Germany and Germans from An American Point of View
51 English Emerson, Ralph Waldo Representative Men
52 English Wilson, Woodrow Leaders of Men
52 English Faust, Albert Bernhardt The German Element in the United States, Vol. II
53 English The German Element in the United States, Vol. I
54 English Fitzgerald, Percy The Great Canal of Suez, Vol I
55 English The Great Canal of Suez, Vol II
56 English Gardiner, A. G. Pillars of Society
King George V                                        Seite      1
Mr. Churchill                                          Seite      5
Woodrow Wilson                                 Seite  104
Baron Marschall von Bieberstein      Seite  160
Lord Milner                                            Seite  325
Lord Fisher                                             Seite  344
57 English Gilliard, Pierre Thirteen Years at the Russian Court
Vom Schicksal der Zarenfamilie
58 English Hozier, H. M. Prussia and the Franco-Prussian War, illustrated, Vol. I
Franc Tireurs (Partisanen) Seite 77ff und nachfolgend viele andere  Bezüge, Auswirkungen auf die deutsche Kriegsführung 1914
59 English Humphrey, Desmond Why God loves the Irish
60 Deutsch Heinrich Friedjung Zeitalter des Imperialismus, 1884-1914 Vol. I
61 Deutsch Zeitalter des Imperialismus, 1884-1914 Vol. II
62 Deutsch Zeitalter des Imperizlismus,  1884-1914 Vol III
63 English Ludwig, Emil Lincoln
64 English Kaiser Wilhelm II
65 English Talks with Mussolini
66 Deutsch Moral Conquest of Germany
67 English Mackinder, H.J. The Geographical Pivot of History
68 English Maurer, Heinrich H. The Earlier German Nationalism in America
69 English McKenna, Stephen While I remember
.. The presence of a German is an outrage Seite 151
70 English Moore, John, M.D.  A view of Society and manners in France, Switzerland andGermany
71 English Münsterberg, Hugo American Patriotism and other Social Studies
72 English Orth, Samuel Our Foreigners
73 Deutsch Riehl, Wilhelm Heinrich Die Naturgeschichte des deutschen Volkes als grundlage einer deutschen Sozialpolitik,Vol.I Land und Leute
74 English Saunders, T. Bailey Essays of Schopenhauer
75 English Skal, von Georg History of Germans
76 English Spengler, Oswald Untergang des Abendlandes, Vol. I
77 English Untergang des Abendlandes, Vol. III
78 English Germaine de Staël Germany I
79 English Germany II
Beide Bände überarbeitet durch O. W. Wight, bezieht sich in ersten Band auf Seite 33 auf Sir William Hamilton
80 English Hamilton, William Discussions on Philosophy and Literature
Seite 204: “ With the poorest identity of origin, the Germans have shown always the weakest sentiment of nationality. Descended from the same ancestors, speaking a common language, unconquered by a foreign enemy, and once the subjects of a general government, they are the only people in Europe who have passively allowed their national unity to be broken down, and submitted, like cattle, to be parcelled and reparcelled into flocks, as suited the convenience of their shepherds. The same unpatriotic apathy is betrayed in their literary as in their political existence. In other countries, taste is perhaps too exclusively national; in Germany, it is certainly too cosmopolite. Teutonic admiration seems, indeed, to be essentially centrifugal; and literary partialities have in the Empire inclined always in favor of the foreign. The Germans were long familiar with the literature of every other nation, before they thought of cultivating, or rather creating, a literature of their own; and when this was at last attempted, was still the principle that governed in the experiment. It was essayed, by a process of foreign infusion, to elaborate the German tongue into a vehicle of pleasing communication; nor were they contented to reverse the operation, until the project had been stultified by its issue, and the purest and only all-sufficient of the modern languages degraded into a Babylonish jargon, without a parallel in the whole history of speech. A counterpart to this overweening admiration of the strange and distant, is the discreditable indifference manifested by the Germans to the noblest monuments of native genius. To their eternal disgrace, the works of Leibnitz were left to be collected by a Frenchman; while the care denied by his countrymen to the great representative of German universality, was lavished, with an eccentric affection, on the not more important speculations of Giordano Bruno, Spinoza, and Cudworth.“
81 English Lodge, Henry Cabot War Addresses 1917
82 English Twain, Mark To the Person sitting in the Darkness
83 English US Census Bureau A Century of Population Growth
84 English Wellesley,Henry Diary  of Lord Cowley
85 English Wolff, Joseph Adventures of Joseph Wolff
The great War, Schicksal von Stoddart und Conolly , Seite 522ff
86 English The Telegraph, Churchill’s First War: Young Winston and the Fight Against the Taliban, by Con Coughlin, review
87 English Bland, J. O. P. Men and Manners in South America
88 Deutsch Marquardsen, Heinrich Der Trent Fall, Marquardsen, Heinrich
vom Verfasser,aus dessen Werken Woodruf Wislon sein Werk „The State“ plagiiert hat.