I. Zitate von Juli-October 1914

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July 29, 1914
Germany is afraid of the damage to her which we could do by cutting off her supplies by sea, and by land she could not get nothing from Russia or France little from Austria, who would want all her corn for herself, and very little from other countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Sweden and Norway.
July 30, 1914
I have written to Grey that the feeling here is that peace between the powers depends on England;  that  if she declared herself solidaire with France and Russia there will be no war, for Germany will not face the danger of her and her supplies, by sea,  being cut off by the British fleet.

Anmerkung: These des Buches, England war von vornherein zum Krieg entschlossen. Alle Verantwortungsträger der Briten agrumentieren in den verschiedensten Standorten zur selben Zeit mit exakt abgestimmten Positionen.

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August 7, 1914
There can be no doubt that the Germans calculated that the Belgians would only make a show of resistance as a matter of form, and, after a formal protest, would retire the troops and let the Germans pass for the attack on France. The conduct of the Belgians has been a great deception for the Germans and the great advantage for the French by the delay it has caused to a German advance
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August 9, 1914
If we can stop all the traffic to Germany through Holland and the Scandinavian countries prices will rise, and there will be first discontent, then hunger and starvation.

Anmerkung: Die französische Variante der Napoleonischen Kriege im stillen Einvernehmen mit den Amerikanern

August 10, 1914
Everything concerning the British expedition is kept very secret, and rightly so, we hear and know nothing except what travelers recount. The moral effect of our eight is wonderful.
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August 11, 1914
The German merchant at Antwerp in whose house where found 1000 German uniforms and a wireless installation has been short as a spy, he was a man of wealth and positions there.
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August 14, 1914
my friend and also says that  the German ship „Göben“, which has been so illusive, is a failure and consequently was offered some time ago to the Turks, it is only on one side that her guns can be fired. If this is true she will be not be of much use to the Turks.
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What an outrage on the part of the Turks letting said German cruisers and „Göben and Breslau“ enter the Dardanelles. They flew  the German colors, and they searched the French, British and Russian merchant vessels. The Turks think that the Germans will be victorious, they have already been crammed with accounts of German victories and the desperate straits in which the Triple Entente finds themselves.
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August 17, 1914
A report comes from the Belgium Legation that the German Duc d’Arenberg, has been short as a spy, and also  his sister, Duchesse de Croy, in obtaining is said to    have established a wireless telegraph at his castle near Liege. I   saw in some newspapers that the said castle had been blown up as an obstacle in a line of fire. I think that if he had been shot as a spy there would have been an announcement on some and September 23, 1914
Anmerkung: keine Unterlagen zu dieser Behauptung gefunden

2. September 1914
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September 23, 1914
The Boer general Joubert Piennaar is here.  He wishes to place his military services at the disposal of the British government. His daughter is married to a German. Be not does not believe the systematic atrocities, he says that when the war began there was German hunting at Antwerp by the population, this exasperated the German soldiers and they made reprisals at first.
Anmerkung:  folgt

3. October 1914
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October 9, 1914
If Joffre be victorious, and he succeed obtaining Alsace-Lorraine for France, he may do anything he may please-even be a combination of monk and Charles, and name the Charles. Many level-headed people seem to think that the  result of the war will be a sweeping away of the present governing cliques: It would be a sort of coup d’etat, approved by a majority of the nation. Some fear that the French may retire of-the war before Germany and the Hohenzollern Prussian military system has been annihilated, and that a rotten peace may be patched up: on this point England must be firm and insist on a fight to a finish, so as to put a real end of militarism. Her two big allies cannot make peace without her concurrence.
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October26, 1914
I asked Cambon whether the Emperor was personally responsible for the war or whether he had been forced into it by the Crown Prince and the Military Party, and what part the German Empress had played in the game. He said that, in the frequent conflicts between the Crown Prince and the Emperor, the Empress had always taken the son’s part, that the Emperor had become very jealous of his son’s popularity with the Army and said people as the apostle of extreme Anti-French, Anti–Russian and particularly Anti-English feelings. The Emperor had been over-ridden by the Crown Prince and the Military Party, and saw that the must go with them or lose his position in Germany. The Chancellor and Jagow and Co. hoped to carry matters by bluff, and felt sure that Belgium would merely protest and let the Germans pass, and that England will not actively intervene. No doubt  the Emperor and the German government were cognizant of the terms of the Austrian ultimatum to Servia before it was presented, they thought that Russia will talk but will not fight. When War was probably Cambon in a conversation with Jagow warned him that Germany would have to fight England as well as France and Russia, and though Jagow affected to disbelief Cambon’s statement it evidently produced an impression on him. Cambon went from Jagow to Goschen, whom he recounted what he had said. Goshen told him that he (Goschen) had not been authorized by his Majesty’s Government to use language of so definite a  character. „Never mind“, replied Cambon, „if it succeeds in preventing war no harm will have been done. If England support files I shall have been a warning prophet. If England remain neutral, which in fact she is not to be able to do, considering that it was at the instance of the British Government that the French fleet went to the Mediterranean and left the channel to be policed by the British Fleet, I shall have left Berlin as a representative of the enemy France and nobody can call me to account for having misled Jagow“